TRĒVA engineering bioplastic
TRĒVA engineering bioplastic

TRĒVA™ engineering bioplastic

Eastman TRĒVA™ engineering bioplastic is a new cellulose-based thermoplastic that offers both high performance and reduced environment impact.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) BioPreferred® program has Certified Eastman TRĒVA™ Engineering Bioplastic GC6021 with a bio-based content of 42% and Eastman TRĒVA™ Engineering Bioplastic GC6011 with a bio-based content of 45%.

TREVA GC6021 - Certified biobased content of 42% TREVA GC6011 - Certified biobased content of 45%

Enhanced functionality.

TRĒVA is chemically resistant, dimensionally stable and has excellent flow and low birefringence.

  • Excellent chemical resistance, standing up better than other engineering bioplastics to some of the harshest chemicals we come in contact with every day, including skin oils, popular sunscreens, and household cleaners.

  • Excellent flow characteristics which enable design freedom, allowing it to be used with complicated parts and in filling thin walls. Innovative with confidence when molding or extruding.

  • Low birefringence can eliminate the rainbow effect some plastics experience with polarized light. Expect great optical performance when looking at your electronic device or through a retail display.

Wood Pulp Sourcing

Learn more about our sustainable dissolving wood pulp sourcing policy.

Reduced environmental impact.

  • TRĒVA is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Which means: you can source smarter.
  • It allows for less material in use.
  • Creates products that will last longer. Which means: its functional and sustainable.

Let's shape tomorrow together. Contact us and let’s explore how this material will work better for you and your business. Naturally.

Download the processing and design guide for more information about injection molding with TRĒVA.

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