Our Commitment

One of the most important factors in safety is every employee individually committing to work more safely and being mindful of the safety of those around them. To support and drive this behavior throughout the organization, Eastman shares safety information and best practices across sites and regions and clearly communicates our guiding principles for safety to employees worldwide.

Our commitment to safety stands out in distinct ways:

  • Incident prevention: Work-related incidents are prevented through several layers of protection, including safe design, safe work practices, safe behaviors and the use of appropriate engineering, operating and administrative controls.

  • Management leadership and accountability: Management establishes clear safety expectations and goals, provides resources, establishes processes and monitors overall progress.

  • Employee involvement: Each employee is committed to working safely and to protecting the safety of others. Employees participate fully in all elements of the safety program.

  • Regulatory compliance: Complying with applicable laws and regulations is an integral part of Eastman’s safety program.

  • Inclusive scope: Prevention of workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses for employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers and customers is our safety objective. Providing the skills and attitude to work safely off the job is our expanded goal.

  • Safety education: Each employee is provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely.

  • Hazard control: Exposures to potential hazards in the workplace are identified, assessed, controlled and monitored.

  • Assessment: Assessment and benchmarking against the world’s safety leaders drives continual improvement through the adoption of best practices.

  • Emergency preparedness: Emergency response plans and capabilities are maintained to manage emergencies related to Eastman facilities and operations. Eastman maintains strong working relationships with local governmental emergency responders to provide mutual aid and support, should the need arise.


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