Dipropylene glycol dibenzoate

Eastman is the Lead Registrant for this substance as outlined in the REACH requirements.

Chemical Name: dipropylene glycol dibenzoate
Abbreviation: DPGDB
CAS#: 27138-31-4
EC Number: 248-258-5
Contact: sub.27138-31-4@eastman.com
Dossier Type: Full dossier
Additional Documents
Substance Identification Profile
Product End-Uses
Classification and Labeling

Comment:  Please take note of the following: Eastman, as Lead Registrant, will NOT submit a joint CSR on behalf of the co-registrants of this SIEF. Instead, Eastman will make the CSR (including chapters B3-8 of IUCLID) available for the most common end-uses (see hyperlink) for all co-registrants. Co-registrants can add  (when needed) their specific end-uses to their own IUCLID (chapter 13) registration file.

Cost for a LoA will be calculated in 1st Q of every year and will valid for that year. In the 1st Q of the following year a recalculation will be made and where applicable a refund will be made to all co-registrants in accordance with the SIEF agreement.

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