Eastman Chemical Company is committed to the needs of food processors worldwide for ingredients for beverages and foods that help food suppliers market the value of their packaging downstream. Eastman supplies antimicrobials, antioxidants, and beverage weighting agents as well as several food-grade chemicals for the food and beverage ingredients market.

Eastman Tenox™ antioxidants
Oxidation causes deterioration of freshness of flavor and aroma. Substances are needed that can be introduced directly into the food product to inhibit the destructive process that result in rancidity. For the food processor, Eastman Tenox™ food-grade antioxidants meet this need.

Eastman offers a kosher grade solvent, Eastman™ Ethyl Acetate, Food Grade, Kosher, that meets the monograph requirements as set forth in the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) and supplements. It is manufactured, processed, packed and held under appropriate Good Manufacturing Practices for use as a food chemical. In addition, this grade of ethyl acetate is produced under rabbinical supervision and meets the requirements for Kosher and Pareve, including Passover.

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