Having introduced acetate tow to the industry in 1952, Eastman remains today a leading global manufacturer of acetate tow which sells under the trademark Eastman Estron™ acetate tow. Eastman supplies Eastman Estron™ acetate tow which customers use to produce items such as cigarette filters and ink reservoirs for fiber-tip pens. The product line supporting this filtration material has grown through a number of innovations. The most significant product developed for use with cellulose acetate tow is Eastman's line of Estrobond™ plasticizers, which are used to impart rigidity and hardness to acetate fiber rods.

In addition, Eastman also sells raw materials to produce acetate tow and acetate yarn thru its fibers business in the form of cellulose acetate, fiber ester, polymer and acetyl chemicals for the production of this polymer.

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