CPFilms Industrial
Eastman’s roll-to-roll film processing capabilities help customers manage optical transmission, surface protection, and conductivity in environments needing quality and consistency.

TruLast™ Technology
Eastman's proprietary acetylation technology creates wood that is long-lasting and change-resistant.

Eastman Cerfis™ Technology
Eastman Cerfis™ technology is a patented surface technology that enables licensees to create superior surface solutions.


Eastman GEM™ technology
Eastman GEM™ technology is raising the bar for sustainably manufactured cosmetics ingredients.


RAS™ Technology
Enabled by Eastman Embrace™ copolyesters, allows for more billboard, more contoured shapes with 360-degree graphics, and ultimately more shelf impact and appeal.


Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibers
The unique microfibers technology platform from Eastman allows access to a combination and range of synthetic fibers that, historically, have not been practically accessible.



Technology Licensing and Alliances
Licenses and sells intellectual capital, from the granting of patent rights to the divestiture of technology.


Oxo Low-Pressure Technology Licensing
Proprietary low-pressure process can produce oxo products with substantially less energy and low environmental emissions and impact.













Custom Manufacturing
Wide-ranging capabilities allow us to support projects from the laboratory through market development to full-scale commercial requirements.


Color Technology Center
Offers formulations for precise color matching and delivers appropriate additives selections tailored to your specific application need.


Paint Spray Facility
State-of-the-art facility aids in the development and testing of innovative coating additives that help improve performance in a variety of industrial settings and environments.





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