Eastman™ Methyl Acetate
Eastman™ Methyl Acetate

CAS Number: 79-20-9

  • Cleaners - Metal prep, Flux, Ink Processes, and Light Degreaser
  • Coatings - Aerosols
  • Coatings - Automotive OEM
  • Coatings - Automotive Refinish
  • Coatings - Can and Coil
  • Coatings - General Industrial
  • Coatings - Industrial Maintenance and Marine
  • Coatings - Industrial Wood
  • Coatings - Transportation
  • Graphic Arts - Printing Inks
Key Attributes
  • Excellent solvent activity
  • Fast evaporation rate
  • Low MIR value
  • Low odor
  • Non-HAP*
  • Non-SARA
  • Readily biodegradable
  • VOC Exempt*
Product Description
Eastman™ Methyl Acetate is a fast evaporating, mild odor, active solvent that can be used with a broad range of coating and ink resins. Because of its fast evaporation rate, methyl acetate is useful as the fast-evaporating component in high-low solvent systems and in other applications where fast solvent release and quick dry-to-touch time are needed. Methyl acetate is an active solvent for the following resins: cellulose acetate butyrate, nitrocellulose, vinyl copolymers, acrylics, epoxies, polyamides, phenolics, alkyds, and polyesters. Compared with other fast evaporating solvents, methyl acetate gives solution viscosity somewhat higher than acetone or MEK but lower than ethyl acetate. Where a mild odor, fast evaporating solvent is required, methyl acetate is a very good choice for formulators of coating and ink products Methyl acetate is a VOC-exempt, non-HAP, non-ODS, readily biodegradable solvent that can be used in blends to develop environmentally friendly cleaners.

* Eastman™ Methyl Acetate is exempt from regulation as a VOC and HAP under Federal Law, but can contain <= 2.5% methanol, which is a VOC and a HAP.

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